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    I. Introduction
    I. Warm-Up

    T – I wonder, do you have any friends? I want to say that it’s very important for every person to have friends. That’s what we are going to speak about today. In this lesson you’ll do some tests.
    II. Guess game
    T – There are a lot of proverbs about friendship. Let’s learn some of them. Children, I need your help. I was in a hurry and mixed up all words in my envelope.(a teacher opens an envelope)
    Could you help me, please? Arrange the words to make up proverbs. Try to translate them.
    to none, a friend, is, a friend, to all, in winter, is, friend, like the sun, a good, found, than, easier, lost, is, a friend. (cards with these words are on the desks)
    T – Well, who is ready?
    S1 – I think it is « A friend to all is a friend to none» – тот, кто друг всем, не есть другом никому.
    S2 – As for me it is «A good friend is like the sun in winter» - хороший друг – как солнце зимой.
    S3 – It is: «A friend is easier lost than found» - друга легче потерять чем найти.
    III. Pre-reading
    T – Now you will work in groups. At the previous lesson we have read the text and now we’ll do some tasks.
    Let’s start. (the texts are on the desks)
    IV. After reading
    T – Let us check your tasks. The first group, please.
    S1 – Our task is to read the text and fill in the missing words from the box. (student reads the text from the handout №1)
    T – The second group, please.
    S2 – Our task is to match the questions to the answers. (student reads the questions and the answers)
    T – The third group, please.
    S3 – Our task is put the sentences in the correct order according to the text. (student reads the sentences in the correct order)
    V. Brainstorming
    T – Well done. Thanks a lot. Let’s continue. What words do you associate with the word friendship. First of all look at this Fortune tree.
    T – That’s right! Now tell me, please, what do you think about friendship? What does friendship mean for you?
    S1 – I think friendship is a value. Speaking about friendship I must admit that the richest people in the world are those who have close friends.
    S2 – Sincere friendship must truly be a priceless gift. I am sure our deepest need is in friendship, no matter how healthy or successful we are.
    S3 – If we want to have friends, we ourselves must be friendly. In fact, the only way to have a friend is to be one. A friend is the person who you can totally rely on.
    VII. Speaking. Group work.
    T – Thank you very much for you opinions about importance of friendship. Now every group has a card with problematic situations. Look at them and give your advices.
    Group number one: What is your situation?
    S1 – Card I. You notice that your friend doesn’t look very well. You know what the matter is with her boyfriend. Give your friend a word of advice.
    - I think you should give him some time to be alone, don’t trouble him. Maybe he has some problems in his study or with his parents or with his health.
    T – The second group. What is your situation?
    S2 – Card II. You haven’t spoken to your best friend for over a week. The problem is he keeps borrowing things from you – CDs, books and doesn’t return them. What is your advice?
    - We suppose that you must phone him and ask your friend what the matter is? Maybe he is ill and doesn’t go to school. Ask him if he needs your help.
    T – The third group. What is your situation?
    S3 – Card III. Your friend spread your secret around school. You will never be able to trust him. You can’t believe he could be so cruel. If your friend was a true friend he wouldn’t go around secrets. What can you advise?
    I think he isn’t a true friend. Local friends cannot do this. You are to stop your relations with him and don’t tell him your secrets.
    T – Thanks a lot that you are not indifferent to your friends problems. I wish to you find the best variants of solutions of your troubles and problems.
    In conclusion I want you to answer some questions. What did we speak about today?
    S1 – We spoke about friendship and true friends.
    T – What is friendship for you?
    S2 – I think that to have real friends is great. Because true friend always listens to you, understands your problems and helps you in difficult situations.
    T – Do you have any friends?
    S3 – Yes, of course. I have 2 real friends. One of them is my classmate and the other one is my elder brother who is a student. Their attention and help are very important for me.
    IX. Summing up
    T – I suppose that a good friend always listens to your problems, and must not tell anybody your secrets. I advise you:
    - don’t think you know why your friend did what he did.
    - put yourself in your friends shoes. Your friend may have had some problems and you said «hello» at the wrong time. That’s all for today.

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